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Write a Book and Transform Your Career and Life! 

Let's get started today! 


Welcome! You've arrived at a community of smart, creative people learning how to live more empowered lives by writing and publishing a book. Here you will learn about my... 

•Transformational writing retreats • One-on-one coaching • Live classes and workshops • Published articles and essays about adventure, spirituality, yoga, and wellness.

Brad Wetzler teaches classes in memoir and nonfiction writing.

Our world needs writers like YOU to show up strong with your stories and ideas.

When you write a memoir or nonfiction "big ideas" book, you heal your past, embolden your NOW, and serve the greater good. There's no better time than NOW to write and publish your memoir or nonfiction book. Not convinced that anyone would want to hear your story In the first half of 2018, over 26 million dollars were spent on Memoir and General Non-Fiction in the USA alone!

More than a thousand people have used his Fearless Writing Method to discover their writing voice and tell their story. Bring your story and ideas to life--and write and publish your book today! When my clients write and publish their books, they transform their lives and get more opportunities to impact the world.

Writing is like life. It isn't always easy.

As your book writing coach, I will guide you to write and publish your memoir or nonfiction book.  

A memoir or nonfiction book is not a diary. Posting your personal journal on the Internet will not lead to gobs of money and instant big-time speaking opportunities. 

Diving deep into your past takes grit and hard work. Sharing your wisdom with the world can feel scary.  Writing with emotion and heart while creating a coherent, suspenseful storyline can be overwhelming even to expert writers. We've all heard the jokes about the aspiring author who can't finish her book. Avoid becoming the cliché.

Let me help.

In addition to writing coaching for memoir and nonfiction, I offer developmental editing, manuscript evaluations, line editing, publication consulting, and self-publishing solutions. When you work with me, you benefit from my 20+ years of experience at the highest levels of publishing. You get hard-earned wisdom about how to: hone your book idea, make progress and finish your book, and find a publisher or self-publish your book. 

I work with all types of aspiring authors working in memoir and nonfiction. I specialize in working with positive-change-makers, such as progressive businesspeople, life coaches, spiritual teachers, psychotherapists, as well as everyday people who know they have a story to tell. 

Why Hire a Book Writing Coach?

I mentor writers to write books and become published authors. I help both experienced and up-and-coming writers through all stages of the writing and publishing process. Whether you have a vague idea for a book or a finished manuscript, I meet you where you are, and guide you to the finish line, whether your goal is to land a traditional publisher or to self-publish.

My coaching process is tested and proven to work by the tangible successes of my clients: published articles, essays, and books. I work with writers of nonfiction and memoir. I've worked with more than a thousand professional and new writers. 


Book a Free 30-Minute Session with Me

Who Are My Clients?

My clients include NYT best-selling authors, renowned journalists, CEOs and entrepreneurs, Ivy League academics, psychotherapists and life coaches, professional athletes, mountaineers, and adventurers, spiritual teachers, and thought-leaders from various paths and traditions. Bottom-line: I help people play a bigger game in career and life.

What Are My Values?

I bring to this work the same passion I've brought to my own writing for more than two decades. My approach is detail- and results-based as well as compassionate. Writing is difficult, and success requires equal amounts of  self-compassion and grit. 

I bring a mindful approach to my work with clients. A devoted practitioner and teacher of yoga, I bring the same dedicated, patient approach to my work with my writing clients that I bring to my daily yoga practice. I adhere to the yogic ideals of honesty, respect, kindness.

In short, I pursue a quiet, guerrilla revolution to help people transform by guiding them to rewrite their life stories.

What Are My Rates?

Unlike my competitors, I do not try to rope my clients into fancy, over-priced packages. Instead,  I sell blocks of coaching time. You get my decades of expertise and you choose how much support you need.  My hourly rate is $150.00 for a 50-minute session. Before each session, you're allowed to submit for my review up to 4,000 words of your writing. Simple. Fair. Honest. 


What My Clients Say about My Coaching:

"I was in a tough spot before I found Brad Wetzler. I'd been working on a manuscript for Penguin-Random House for two years and rewritten the entire text two times over. It was the sequel to a New York Times bestseller I had put out a couple years prior. With deadlines looming, I needed to get the book done. So I called up Brad and over the course of a month he helped me work the kinks out. He could see the forest for the trees, and gave me actionable advice that turned the book around. I'd highly recommend professional editor and writing coach Brad Wetzler to anyone looking for a structural or developmental edit. I'll definitely be using him again in the future. –Scott Carney, best-selling author of "The Wedge" and "What Doesn't Kill Us"

"As my writing coach, Brad helped me find the heart of the story, connect it to the larger world, and improve my skills."–L.L.

"Brad's life experience gives him humility, wisdom, and a humanity that sets him apart from his competitors."-M.J.

"I urge you to hire Mr. Wetzler to be your writing coach. You will not regret it."  –Paul Jones, author of "From Farm to Ocean: A Memoir"

About Brad's Live Events

It's all about community, right? If you're not sure about working with Brad yet, then connect with him at one of his many FREE weekly Zoom events. Register here.

•Join Brad for one of his FREE  yoga classes. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10 a.m. Eastern (7 am Pacific). For more information, click here

•Every Sunday evening at 8 pm Eastern (5 pm Pacific) Brad host's Writing for Peace's Sunday LIVE Lit Readings. For more information, click here


Praise for Brad Wetzler's Live Teaching Events:

"I recently participated in a Zoom Memoir Writing class offered by writing coach Brad Wetzler.  The hour was packed with more useful information than any introductory course I have ever attended. Brad is generous with his insight and wisdom; his authenticity and humor shine through. I learned how to tell a more compelling story, and to set “audience” aside for long enough to find and celebrate my voice. Brad is empowering others by sharing decades of writing experience and offering guidance in such an accessible platform. With thanks and respect." –Elizabeth Penziner M.P.H., RYT


 “Brad Wetzler has helped me focus and structure my narrative nonfiction writing in very insightful ways. He has worked with me in propelling my writing, and improving my craft in practical and applicable ways that make a writer thoughtfully consider the many aspects of clear and effective writing. I highly recommend his workshops, writing coaching, and consulting for anyone serious about improving, learning, and growing as a writer.” –Mark A Werkema

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Brad Wetzler leads real-world and virtual writing retreats.

My Coaching Process:


Step #1: Clarity

All nonfiction books are answers to specific problems. I help you get clear about your book's main problem and how you propose to solve the problem. 

Step #2: Structure

I guide you through the process of creating a reliable book structure that you can lean on throughout the writing process.

Step. #3: Progress

Once you are clear about your book idea and structure, the next step is to write! I show you my time-tested secrets to making consistent progress. I hold you accountable to the timetable you set for yourself. I hold your hand through the inevitable dark nights of the soul when the going gets tough and doubt creeps in.

Step  #4: Feedback

I offer useful, honest feedback on your writing. I share the positive--the ways you are "killing it." And I show you the areas where your writing needs improvement. I always offer specific solutions that help you take your writing to a new level, from good to great.  

Step #5: Completion

I help you stay true to your goals and purpose. I guide you to FINISH your book. 

Finally, I offer advice about publishing options--both traditional and self-publishing. 


Sign Up for One of Brad's Live Events

Reflections on a Twelve-Hour Mystical Experience in India: A Video Essay by Brad Wetzler 

Email Brad to Talk about Your Writing Project

About Brad's Writing


"As a far-flung journalist and celebrated editor, Brad Wetzler has led the very definition of an adventurous life."

–Hampton Sides, best-selling author of Ghost Soldiers, Blood and Thunder, Hellhound on His Trail, and others


I am an award-winning journalist and seasoned adventure writer.  

My articles and essays have appeared in top publications such as The New York Times, Newsweek, Wired, GQ, National Geographic, Men's Journal, Travel + Leisure, Outside, where I was a senior editor and contributing editor, and many others. 

I specialize in writing about adventure and travel. But I've also written and published extensively about politics, the environment, sport, yoga and spirituality, and entertainment. During my 20-plus-year career, writing assignments have taken me around the world and all over North America: Greenland, the Amazon, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Scandinavia, the Arctic, and Mexico and Central America.

I am currently at work on a travel memoir that addresses the themes of faith, transformation, and my many journeys across the Middle East and India. The working title is Shiva Blues: A Seeker's Journey.

Brad Wetzler is an award-winning journalist and adventure writer.

Advance Praise for Shiva Blues: A Memoir: 

"In the age of toxic masculinity and "mainsplaining;" in a country in which most violent crimes are committed by men, Brad Wetzler's Shiva Blues: A Seeker's Journey offers a powerful, profound, and deeply personal road map for actively cultivating a different kind of manhood. As a young journalist in the 90s, Wetzler had it all: an amazing, enviable job as a travel and adventure journalist that sent him all over the world on assignments; a home in beautiful Santa Fe; a loving marriage. At the height of magazine journalism, Wetzler's passport was littered with stamps, and he edited and wrote features for high-profile magazines like the New York Times, George, National Geographic, and many others. He commissioned Jon Krakauer's piece about the lost climbers of Mt. Everest that later became the international bestselling book and hit movie, Into Thin Air. 

But then the demons and trauma from his childhood caught up with him, and he sunk into a depression that increasing amounts of prescription drugs could not solve, and soon found himself divorced, essentially house-bound, and physically unhealthy.

He hit rock bottom when a friend - who was on a similar cocktail of medications -- died by suicide. Shiva Blues traces his road to recovery, from a checkpoint in Palestine to the cave of a 100-year-old yogi in India. He kicks the drugs, finds yoga, moves to Colorado, and learns -- through the love of friends, animals, and a hard-won spiritual awakening that can't be put into any particular dogmatic box -- to be a man that is not celebrated often enough. A man of wisdom, kindness, insight, tenderness, and sensitivity.

Through energetic and lively prose, Wetzler takes us inside the heart and mind of a man who refuses to conform to society's restrictive notion of manhood, and instead presents a new path for men to walk. This is not an easy path, Wetzler is clear, but we've never needed it more." –Emily Rapp Black, author of The Still Point of the Turning World and Sanctuary


"As a far-flung journalist and celebrated editor, Brad Wetzler has led the very definition of an adventurous life, but in Shiva Blues, he'll give an unflinching account of his interior adventures. Wetzler’s soulful quest, by turns anguished and transcendent, will resonate with readers around the world who struggle to find purpose and a sense of the holy in the ambient jitter of the digital age."  Hampton Sides, author of Ghost Soldiers, Blood and Thunder, Hellhound on His Trail, and others


"I've followed Brad Wetzler's travels around the globe with envy and admiration for more than two decades. From what I've read, 'Shiva Blues' promises to be his most fascinating journey yet." –Mark Adams, author of Tip of the Iceberg: My 3,000 mile journey around the Last Great American Frontier.


"Brad Wetzler is one of the best adventure writers I know. Now he's taking us on one of the biggest adventures of all -- a journey into the deepest reaches of his own life -- and I could not be more eager to see where it leads." –Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code, Lance Armstrong's War, Hardball, and others.

Check Out My Blog. It's called "Writing with Heart." 

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