Because you've been on one hell of a journey...


Because you've been on one hell of a journey...


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Brad Wetzler is an Austin, Texas-based author, adventure journalist, meditation teacher, podcaster, public speaker, memoir writing coach, and zealot about personal transformation and mental health topics. 

At age 46, at the height of a successful career in magazine journalism and adventure writing, Brad disappeared into a fog from an absurdly strong cocktail of psychiatric drugs prescribed to him for his depression and PTSD symptoms. For years, he stumbled when he walked, he couldn't ride a bike, and he barely left his house. After the death by suicide of a friend, Brad did the only thing he knew how to do: He hit the road. He went in search of himself and the answers to life's big questions. How do we find our purpose? What is a meaningful life? How do we become our true self? His epic journey took him across Israel, Palestine, and later India. He also ventured deep inside himself. He committed himself to the hard work of finally healing the trauma that caused his depression and emotional flashbacks. It took a decade, but he emerged stronger, healthier, and on fire to help others see that a better life awaits us when we finally commit to doing the work of healing.  His forthcoming memoir, Into the Soul of the World, will be published in 2023 by the Hachette Book Group.  He coaches people to write memoirs and self-help nonfiction books, and he offers grounded, practical spiritual mentoring. 

Brad has been featured in:

Brad has been featured in:

Coming Soon: My Memoir, Into the Soul of the World

I am the author of Into the Soul of the World, which will be published by the Hachette Book Group in the Spring of 2023. Into the Soul of the World is a memoir about my decade-long, round-the-world journey to cope with addiction and heal from trauma. In a riveting adventure story, I take readers to Palestine, Greenland, The Amazon, India, and other remote places. It also takes readers onto my yoga map and meditation cushion, inside psychiatrist's and therapist's office, as well as deep inside my own psyche. I face my inner demons with persistence and courage. By the book's end, I present to readers a roadmap for healing that other people who face addiction and trauma can lean on.  My overarching message is hopeful: Yes, we can heal.

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Available Books from Brad Wetzler:

Real Mosquitoes Don't Eat Meat

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I specialize in helping people write about their journey of healing, growth, and personal or spiritual transformation. I help people discover their deepest truths, tell their life story in memoir form, and live more empowered lives.  

You won't find a writing coach with more experience than me. My proven 5-step coaching method was formed based on years of my own experience with PTSD and healing journey, coupled with my 30+ years as an author.

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Melissa Walker, Embodied Sex Therapist (MA, LPC, R-DMT)

"...I highly recommend his coaching if you want to write a book that readers will find accessible, where they can immerse themselves in the story, feel welcome, and really get what you want to share."

Mark Werkema, Airline Pilot, Historian, and Nonfiction Writer

"...I highly recommend his workshops, writing coaching, and consulting for anyone serious about improving, learning, and growing as a writer.”

Eddie Pinero, Inspirational Speaker and YouTube Influencer

"...What I found most valuable was his ability to see the big picture. Brad has a very unique way of getting to know his clients, understanding where they shine, and ensuring that they elevate themselves where it matters most."

About Brad's Coaching for Memoirists and Nonfiction Self-Help Writers


Are you struggling to write a book?  Brad will guide you to plan, make progress, and finish a memoir or nonfiction self-help book.


Isn't it time to share your wisdom, your words... your HEART?


Are you an aspiring author, wellness thought-leader, therapist, or spiritual teacher? Or an everyday human who wants to write a memoir?


Are you struggling to write a book about how you healed from trauma, addiction, depression or the thousands of other things that make us human?


Have you tried and tried to finish your book but you keep losing your way in the fog?


I will show you how to write a memoir with more power, grace, and radical emotional vulnerability.  More heart. 


And I will make sure that you finally write these words: The End.


Read about my latest course offerings.

Brad Wetzler Yoga Teacher

Writing to Find Your Fire: Tell Your Story of Healing and Transformation in a Book-Length Memoir

6-Week Class Begins July 6, 2022

In this course, you’ll learn how to share your true story of personal growth, transformation, or healing with the world. This course is for beginning and intermediate writers who aspire to learn the essential tools needed to write a memoir. A special emphasis will be placed on how to reclaim, reframe, and finally write about your personal transformation.  

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Brad Wetzler's Books and Articles

One-on-One Memoir Coaching

Work with Brad one-on-one and learn how to tell your life story with power, voice, and radical emotional vulnerability. More heart.  Brad will help you finish your memoir by giving you actionable, kind, and, most important, honest feedback. You will finally be able to write the words: The End. 

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Podcast: Enlightened-ish with Brad Wetzler

A show about about adventure, storytelling, and how we can live with more courage and authenticity. In addition to great stories from abroad and home, Enlightened-ish features truths to live by and inspiration from the world's great wisdom traditions. Enlightened-ish can be found on Spotfiy, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other podcast outlets.

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Advance Praise for Into the Soul of the World

Read what best-selling authors are saying about Into the Soul of the World:

"In the age of toxic masculinity and "mainsplaining;" in a country in which most violent crimes are committed by men, Brad Wetzler's "Into the Soul of the World" offers a powerful, profound, and deeply personal road map for actively cultivating a different kind of manhood. As a young journalist in the 90s, Wetzler had it all: an amazing, enviable job as a travel and adventure journalist that sent him all over the world on assignments; a home in beautiful Santa Fe; a loving marriage. At the height of magazine journalism, Wetzler's passport was littered with stamps, and he edited and wrote features for high-profile magazines like the New York Times, George, National Geographic, and many others. He commissioned Jon Krakauer's piece about the lost climbers of Mt. Everest that later became the international bestselling book and hit movie, Into Thin Air. 

But then the demons and trauma from his childhood caught up with him, and he sunk into a depression that increasing amounts of prescription drugs could not solve, and soon found himself divorced, essentially house-bound, and physically unhealthy.

He hit rock bottom when a friend - who was on a similar cocktail of medications -- died by suicide. "Into the Soul of the World" traces his road to recovery, from a checkpoint in Palestine to the cave of a 100-year-old yogi in India. He kicks the drugs, finds yoga, moves to Colorado, and learns -- through the love of friends, animals, and a hard-won spiritual awakening that can't be put into any particular dogmatic box -- to be a man that is not celebrated often enough. A man of wisdom, kindness, insight, tenderness, and sensitivity.

Through energetic and lively prose, Wetzler takes us inside the heart and mind of a man who refuses to conform to society's restrictive notion of manhood, and instead presents a new path for men to walk. This is not an easy path, Wetzler is clear, but we've never needed it more." 
–Emily Rapp Black, author of The Still Point of the Turning World and Sanctuary


"As a far-flung journalist and celebrated editor, Brad Wetzler has led the very definition of an adventurous life, but in "Into the Soul of the World" he'll give an unflinching account of his interior adventures. Wetzler’s soulful quest, by turns anguished and transcendent, will resonate with readers around the world who struggle to find purpose and a sense of the holy in the ambient jitter of the digital age."  
–Hampton Sides, author of Ghost Soldiers, Blood and Thunder, Hellhound on His Trail, and others


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