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Hi, I'm Brad.

I'm an author,  journalist, podcaster, and memoir writing coach. I write and publish articles and books, lead writing + yoga retreats,  and coach individuals to write and publish memoirs. As a book writing coach, I pursue a quiet,  revolution to help people transform their lives by reframing and telling their life stories.


Join my community of smart, creative people who are transforming their lives by writing and publishing a memoir. 


What's my story? Click on the image below and watch (and listen to) me read an essay about a transformative event that occurred while traveling in India, a 12-hour mystical experience. Yes, I'm a journalist and a man of science. And (it's always both/and, it seems) the experience happened. It was as real as the laptop I'm typing on.


About Brad Wetzler

Brad is an author, journalist, podcaster, yoga teacher, and memoir writing coach. His forthcoming memoir, ADVENTURES IN HEALING: My Decade-Long Quest to Overcome Drug Addiction and Cope with Trauma will be published in the spring of 2023. 

He has three decades of experience writing and editing at the highest levels of publishing. Brad is dedicated to helping people write and publish books. He specializes in memoir and nonfiction. He brings a professional, results-oriented approach to his work as a writing coach. A certified yoga and mindfulness instructor, Brad is also a compassionate listener and a patient teacher. He will meet you where you are regardless of your writing experience.

In addition to being a writing coach, Brad is a working journalist, travel writer, editor, speaker,  and yoga teacher.  He is the author of Real Mosquitoes Don't Eat Meat, a collection of his Outside magazine "Wild File" columns. A former senior editor at Outside, Brad’s articles and essays have been published in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, Wired, GQ, Yoga Journal, Men's Journal, National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, George, Outside, and other influential publications. His articles have been anthologized in The Best American Travel Writing series, Outside: 25: The Best of Outside’s First 25 Years, and Traveler’s Tales. Brad is a former contributing editor at Outside, National Geographic Adventure, and George.


Brad began his career as an editor at Outside. There he spent seven years overseeing the “adventure beat,” assigning and editing feature articles by some of America's finest magazine journalists and travel writers. A highlight of his editing career was conceiving, assigning, and editing “Into Thin Air,” by Jon Krakauer, which the author later expanded into the best-selling book of the same title. After seven years on staff at Outside, Brad left the staff to become a freelance magazine journalist and travel writer for Outside and other publications. During a fifteen-year freelance career, Brad traveled to forty-plus countries and published hundreds of articles and essays about exploration, adventure, politics, the environment, culture, and sports.

Adventure, spirituality and religion have long interested Brad. After nearly drowning at age twelve during a father-son canoe trip in Arkansas, Brad became a teenage Born-Again Christian. The Jesus phase didn’t last past high school. He dropped religion and, in college, he studied philosophy and the great writers of the English language. As an adventure-travel writer, Brad would “work fast” to finish his reporting so he could spend time visiting holy sites in the countries he visited. During a 1999 trip to India for Wired magazine, Brad, a practitioner of yoga, traveled to the ancient, holy city of Varanasi. There, he hired a boat to take him to the famous Burning Ghats, where he watched bodies being cremated. That experience, and a visit to an underground Shiva temple on the banks of the Ganges, left him mesmerized and curious to find a way to have faith in a higher power again.  However, since Brad believes in science, he found faith to be at times tricky, elusive, and impossible proposition. He never stopped trying to be a believer, even when depression and overmedication with psychiatric medications left him numbed out and house-bound for seven years just as his successes as a writer were growing. After the death of a close friend, Brad had his dark night of the soul. He became determined to wean himself off the medications and recover his life and career.


In 2017, at age 51, Brad completed yoga teacher training course and began teaching vinyasa yoga at a popular Boulder, Colorado, yoga studio.

Brad’s July 2019 essay in Yoga Journal, “Yoga Healed Me after Depression” tells the story of how yoga saved his life and healed his past.

Today, Brad writes for publication, hosts the Enlightened-ish Podcast,  coaches nonfiction authors, and teaches yoga on Zoom. He pens a blog called "Writing with Heart." Brad speaks to audiences about health, wellness, and the healing power of yoga.

Brad has appeared in the news media, including ABC News, MSNBC, and NPR. He has been a guest on multiple podcasts.

 Brad has taught writing at the College of Santa Fe, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, and through his private teaching/coaching website.  He has lectured about adventure and writing at the University of Colorado-Boulder, the University of New Mexico, and New Mexico State University.  Brad holds a masters' degree from Northwestern University's prestigious Medill School of Journalism.

When he isn’t writing, coaching writers, and teaching yoga, Brad travels internationally, teaches yoga and meditation, and spends time hiking with his dog Tommy near his home in Austin, Texas.

Read More About Me

Interested in my one-on-one memoir writing coaching?

I've helped more than a thousand people become published authors.

When my clients write and publish a book, they get more income and more opportunities to impact the world. 

My clients include NYT best-selling authors, renowned journalists, CEOs and entrepreneurs, Ivy League academics, psychotherapists and life coaches, professional athletes, mountaineers, and adventurers, spiritual teachers, and thought-leaders from various paths and traditions. Bottom-line: I help people play a bigger game in career and life.

Learn More about My Memoir Writing Coaching

My Five-Step  Process for Turning You into an Author


Step #1: Clarity

All nonfiction books are answers to specific problems. I help you get clear about your book's main problem and how you propose to solve the problem. 

Step #2: Structure

I guide you through the process of creating a reliable book structure that you can lean on throughout the writing process.

Step. #3: Progress

Once you are clear about your book idea and structure, the next step is to write! I show you my time-tested secrets to making consistent progress. I hold you accountable to the timetable you set for yourself. I hold your hand through the inevitable dark nights of the soul when the going gets tough and doubt creeps in.

Step  #4: Feedback

I offer useful, honest feedback on your writing. I share the positive--the ways you are "killing it." And I show you the areas where your writing needs improvement. I always offer specific solutions that help you take your writing to a new level, from good to great.  

Step #5: Completion

I help you stay true to your goals and purpose. I guide you to FINISH your book. 

Finally, I offer advice about publishing options--both traditional and self-publishing. 

Learn More about My Writing Coaching

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