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Hi, I'm Brad.

I write articles and books, lead writing retreats, and coach individuals to write the books that live inside them. As a book writing coach, I pursue a quiet, guerrilla revolution to help people transform their lives by rewriting their life stories.


Reflections on a Twelve-Hour Mystical Experience in India: A Video Essay by Brad Wetzler 

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About Brad's Writing

I am an award-winning journalist, seasoned adventure writer, and book writing coach. 

My articles and essays have appeared in top publications such as The New York Times, Newsweek, Wired, GQ, National Geographic, Men's Journal, Travel + Leisure, Outside, where I was a senior editor and contributing editor, and many others. 

I specialize in writing about adventure and travel. But I've also written and published extensively about politics, the environment, sport, yoga and spirituality, and entertainment. During my 20-plus-year career, writing assignments have taken me around the world and all over North America: Greenland, the Amazon, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Scandinavia, the Arctic, and Mexico and Central America.


About Brad's Writing Coaching

While I still work as a professional journalist and writer, I also mentor other writers to become published authors. I help up-and-coming writers through all stages of the writing and publishing process. I help my clients reach clarity about what they wish to write about. I help them create a reliable book structure that they can lean on throughout the writing process. I help them stay accountable to themselves so that they reach their goal of writing and publishing a book. I offer useful, honest feedback on their writing. A seasoned editor, I even offer developmental editing once my clients finish a draft of their manuscript. Finally, I offer advice about publishing options--both traditional and self-publishing. 

I bring to this work the same passion I've brought to my own writing for more than two decades. My approach is detail- and results-based as well as compassionate. Writing is difficult, and success requires equal amounts of  self-compassion and grit. 

My current and past clients include NYT best-selling authors, renowned journalists, CEOs and entrepreneurs, Ivy League academics, psychotherapists and life coaches, professional athletes, spiritual teachers, and thought-leaders from various paths and traditions. Bottom-line: I help people play a bigger game in career and life.

 I bring a mindful approach to my work with clients. A devoted practitioner and teacher of yoga, I bring the same dedicated, patient approach to my work with my writing clients that I bring to my daily yoga practice. I adhere to the yogic ideals of honesty, respect, kindness.

In short, I pursue a quiet, guerrilla revolution to help people transform by guiding them to rewrite their life stories.

On this site, you'll find information about my book writing coaching, my online writing and yoga classes, my own writings, and more.

I hope you enjoy browsing this site!

"As my writing coach, Brad helped me find the heart of the story, connect it to the larger world, and improve my skills."


"Brad's life experience gives him humility, wisdom, and a humanity that sets him apart from his competitors."


"I urge you to hire Mr. Wetzler to be your writing coach. You will not regret it." 


Check Out My Blog. It's called "Writing with Heart." 

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