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You've been on one hell of a journey.

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Hi, I'm Brad Wetzler, author of The Long Road: Adventures in Healing (Hatchett, 2023). I am a long-time author, award-winning editor, teacher, and heart-centered storytelling and memoir writing expert.

I help aspiring authors, wellness thought-leaders, therapists and other types of healers, spiritual teachers, and people like you become more powerful writers and storytellers. My students learn to write with clarity, suspense, and, most important, radical emotional vulnerability.

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My clients TRANSFORM their books and their lives.

I specialize in helping people write about their journey of healing, growth, and personal or spiritual transformation. I help people discover their deepest truths, tell their life story in memoir form, and live more empowered lives.  

You won't find a writing coach with more experience than me. My proven 5-step coaching method was formed based on years of my own experience with PTSD and healing journey, coupled with my 30+ years as an author.

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Melissa Walker, Embodied Sex Therapist (MA, LPC, R-DMT)

"...I highly recommend his coaching if you want to write a book that readers will find accessible, where they can immerse themselves in the story, feel welcome, and really get what you want to share."

Mark Werkema, Airline Pilot, Historian, and Nonfiction Writer

"...I highly recommend his workshops, writing coaching, and consulting for anyone serious about improving, learning, and growing as a writer.”

Eddie Pinero, Inspirational Speaker and YouTube Influencer

"...What I found most valuable was his ability to see the big picture. Brad has a very unique way of getting to know his clients, understanding where they shine, and ensuring that they elevate themselves where it matters most."

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A show about about adventure, storytelling, and how we can live with more courage and authenticity. In addition to great stories from abroad and home, Enlightened-ish features truths to live by and inspiration from the world's great wisdom traditions. Enlightened-ish can be found on Spotfiy, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other podcast outlets.

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Make 2022 The year your write and finish your memoir!

Are you ready to transform your memoir and your life into something that is currently just a dream? Contact me today--I will help you make it a reality.

I will never sell or give your information to anyone.