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Hi, I'm Brad.

As an experienced book writing coach and professional book editor, I help people write and publish the books that live inside them. When my clients publish their books, they get more more opportunities to impact the world.


As your book writing coach or professional book editor, I will help you write, finish, and publish your memoir or nonfiction book. Let me be your guide, brainstorming partner, creative muse, accountability keeper, editor, publishing consultant, and lead cheerleaders. Let me help you write and publish the book that's inside you. Together, let's breathe life into your ideas, write your book, and transform your life. 

As an experienced book writing coach and professional editor, I help aspiring authors of all abilities and experience write and publish the book of their dreams. Whether your book is a memoir, nonfiction "big ideas" book about the lessons you've learned in life or business, or a novel, I can help you. Under my guidance, you'll stop procrastinating, make progress, and finally write and publish the book that's inside you, aching to be birthed. 

Let's get started today! Step number one is to send me an email telling me about your book idea. I'll write you back, and we'll set up a free 30-minute author consult. I want to hear about the book you desire to write. I want to hear about what has held you back from finishing on your own.  And then I'll tell you more about my  coaching system that all but guarantees you'll get your book written and published in three to six months. Finally, once you decide to invest in your future as an author, we'll schedule our first meeting, and the work (and fun!) begins! Flash forward, six months, and, voila, you are a published author. 

Why work with me?

I have more than two decades' experience at the highest levels of publishing. I am an author, award-winning editor, journalist, and experienced book writing coach. My team and I help thought leaders, positive change-makers, wellness professionals, psychotherapists, and everyday people like you write and publish books that transform people's lives. When my clients publish their books, they get more leads, more income, and more opportunities to impact the world.

When you work with us to write and publish your book, you too benefit from my vast experience in writing, editing, and publishing. We know the best strategies, techniques, and tools to help aspiring authors write and publish their books. My team and I are ready to share my hard-won knowledge and wisdom with you. 

My clients write and publish books that change people's lives.  

Unlike other book writing resources, we have decades of real-world experience in the writing, editing, and publishing industries. I, myself, have worn many hats in the writing and publishing industry. I know how to think like an editor and a writer. You'll benefit from my knowledge and wisdom and from my strong connections to agents, editors, and publishers. Whether you're new to writing and publishing or a longtime pro, I'll guide you you from first sentence to completed book. I can help you land an agent and publisher or self-publish. 


A little more about me: My book, Real Mosquitoes Don’t Eat Meat, a compilation of columns I wrote for Outside magazine, was published by W.W. Norton’s Countryman Press. I’ve published longform nonfiction articles and essays in dozens of major national publications, and my writing has been anthologized many times.

I began my career as a magazine editor. By age 30, I was a senior editor at Outside magazine. While on staff, I edited and coached some of America’s finest writers. I conceived, assigned, and edited “Into Thin Air,” the longform article by Jon Krakauer that was expanded into the book of the same title. I left the magazine in 1997 to become a freelance magazine journalist and travel writer. I wrote regularly for America's top publications, including The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, GQ, Wired, Travel + Leisure, and others. I traveled the world on assignment. I covered adventure, politics, the environment, culture, and sport. I served as contributing writer for Outside, National Geographic Adventure, and George magazines. Today, I’m passionate about writing about personal growth and wellness, spirituality, travel, and yoga. My writing has been anthologized in The Best American Travel Writing series, Outside 25: The Best of Outside Magazine’s First 25 Years, and Traveller’s Tales.

My background in editing, writing, and publishing inform my mindful but competitive approach to book writing coaching. I help New York Times Best-Selling authors, thought leaders, business and spiritual leaders, psychotherapists, and up-and-coming authors like you write and publish books that change the world. I am fueled by my love for storytelling and turning clients’ big ideas into engaging prose that inspires readers to act, grow, and change.

As an editor, I worked directly with some of America’s finest nonfiction writers, such as John Krakauer, Chip Brown, and Ian Frazier. I stay apprised of the latest in article- and book-publishing trends, and I have a broad network of writing and publishing contacts, including book publishers, editors, and literary agents. A part-time yoga teacher and world traveler, I bring a deep understanding of mindfulness, and employ mindfulness and self-compassion tools into coaching my clients. I am an evangelist for a self-compassionate approach to writing and creativity. When our lives are in balance, our true creative selves can emerge and thrive. My writing has been published in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, National Geographic, GQ, Wired, Yoga Journal, Men’s Journal, Travel + Leisure, Outside, and other publications. I hold a masters' degree in Writing and Publishing from Northwestern University's prestigious Medill School of Journalism.

We'd love to help you realize your dream of writing and publishing your book!


"Working with Brad has been a transformative experience as he has been the catalyst for turning a solid and potent idea (but lacking structure and cohesiveness) into a real live book proposal. His ability to bring focus to something expansive without losing the heart of the content is one of my biggest appreciations. Brad helped me add sophistication and availability to my writing without changing the intention and message of my ideas. He has helped me put a vision into grounded reality and for that gift I am eternally grateful."

Alicia Patterson
Author & Somatic Psychotherapist

"I was in a tough spot before I found Brad Wetzler. I'd been working on a manuscript for Penguin-Random House for two years and rewritten the entire text two times over. It was the sequel to a New York Times bestseller I had put out a couple years prior. However, the editor assigned to me by my publisher couldn't offer me any useful advice for how to fix i. With deadlines looming, I needed to get the book done. So I called up Brad and over the course of a month he helped me work the kinks out. He could see the forest for the trees, and gave me actionable advice that turned the book around. I'd highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for a structural or developmental edit. I'll definitely be using him again in the future."

Scott Carney
Author "What Doesn't Kill Us" and "The Wedge"

"Through my work with Brad I have become a more direct and accessible writer, speaker, and therapist. He helped me loosen my adademic speech to uncover my true voice and purpose. While I thought I was just writing a book, I have emerged with a fully integrated vision of what I have to offer the world."

Melissa Walker
Author and Somatic Sex Therapist

"A few years ago I was referred to Brad when I started editing my memoir and I had no idea what I was doing. Brad took the mystery out of book writing and broke things down for me step by step and tailored his mentorship to my writing needs. He challenged me to get to the root of my emotions so that I could engage my readers authentically. He made me do the emotional work! He consistently asked me the right questions at the right time so that I could unclutter my narrative. It was like book therapy! I'm happy to tell you that Brad's work with me paid off! Just a few months into moving to New York City to option my book I picked up a book deal! If it weren't for Brad I would've been stuck on my storyline, unable to break my story free! Pick it up this fall and check for Brad's name in the acknowledgments! He's the real deal!"

Mimi Hayes
Comedian and Author, "Mimi's Brain"

"As avid readers of his immensely popular Outside magazine column can attest, Brad Wetzler is a man equally at home with the inane, the profane, and the arcane. Equipped with an omnidirectional curiosity and a sly sense of humor, in "Real Mosquitoes Don't Eat Meat," Brad Wetzler reaffirms a truth we all understood as kids--that when it comes to the natural world, there is no such thing as a ‘dumb question.’ "

Hampton Sides
Author of Ghost Soldiers and Americana and Outside magazine editor-at-large

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