A Remote, Zoom Beginning/Intermediate Memoir Writing Class, Starts July 6, 2022

memoir memoir writing class memoir writing coach May 19, 2022

Hi Friends,

Brad here. I'm happy to tell you about a new writing course that I'll be offering in July. It's called Writing to Find Your Fire. It's a 6-week course in which you'll LEARN how to write a transformational memoir and you will COMPLETE the first 50-pages of a memoir that you will be able to publish or share with friends and family. 

In this class you will: 

•Learn how to reclaim and reframe your life story from me, Brad Wetzler, a long-time editor, author, and journalist. I've been through my own trials by fire. I've lived to tell about it. And I know how to write about it.

•Learn all the memoir-writing craft tools you need to write your own memoir of transformation.

•COMPLETE the first 50 pages of a memoir. 

•The first 4 weeks of the course will be instruction. The second 2 weeks will IMPLEMENTATION (all Q and A where you will have the chance to work through your questions and problems with Brad and your fellow students--all of your questions--until you have completed your mini-memoir. You will walk away from this class with a completed, polished mini-memoir.

Who am I again?  I'm an author, journalist, podcaster, and teacher. I've worked as an editor, journalist, and travel writer at the highest levels of publishing for more than 30 years. My own memoir, Adventures in Healing, will be published by Hachette Book Group in 2022. 

When is the class?

This 6-Week Course meets weekly beginning Wednesday, July 6, 2022 at 2 pm ET (Noon MT, 11 am PT)

Email me back if you want to hear more about this new class. We can jump on a call to discuss. 

If you've taken one of my classes before, and you're already convinced this class is for you, click here to sign up.