Alan Watts and the Art of Living Your Weird

memoir spirituality yoga Nov 16, 2020

I was in my mid-thirties and quite depressed when I first stumbled on a recording of Alan Watts' unique style of spiritual entertainment. Within a few minutes, I was chuckling out loud and had forgotten I was depressed.

These days, I no longer suffer from depression, and Watts' recordings still crack me up and fill my spirit.

"Live your weird," he implored.


The late great Alan Watts, a self-proclaimed spiritual entertainer, died on this day in 1973. So grateful for his many recordings available on Youtube and elsewhere. Few people make me chuckle as much or remind me that I am not the sum total of my thoughts and feelings. He, more than most, it seemed, GOT the cosmic joke of existence. And he admitted to many of his flaws, it seems. Also admirable. Wherever you are, Alan, thank you for what you left behind. I'm sure you are laughing your crusty, smoker's laugh at It All.