Wisdom of Story

book writing coach brad wetzler creative nonfiction memoir nonfiction professional editor storytelling Sep 25, 2020

In this 20-minute nonfiction and memoir writing class, writing teacher and book writing coach Brad Wetzler discusses the wisdom of story and the ten habits of successful writers.

Here are some topics discussed in this video:

1. Earning the Tell: In both nonfiction and memoir writing, a writer can find opportunities to teach his readers important life lessons she's learned. The key to doing this well is to tell a related story first. We earn the right to teach, albeit from a humble stance, when we tell a story and then pivot to the life lessons that the experience taught us. 

2. Internal and External Narratives: Our lives are made up of two distinct but related storylines. The first is the external journey. This story includes the physical obstacles we overcome as we move through the world. The second is the internal journey: the ways that our own minds get in the way of our getting the things we want out of life. Internal obstacles might include doubt, fear, and loneliness.  Often the external obstacles lead to internal roadblocks. So these two narratives are interrelated but very distinct.