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Spring Cleaning, Covid, and a Note from Jon Krakauer

On Facebook, I was recently asked to participate in a challenge to list seven of my favorite books. 
I couldn't take part in the exercise without mentioning Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. 
"Into Thin Air" will be remembered as one of the great adventure books of our time. But "adventure" is an unfortunate word to describe the book. A lot of real human suffering is portrayed on the pages. Real lives were lost, and, I'm told that others' lives were changed forever. I'm pretty sure Jon was one of those climbers whose life was never the same.
The other reason "adventure" is a bad word to describe "Into Thin Air" is that the book is about way more than adventure. It's about hubris and other darker human themes.
And, man, is hubris not at work in our lives right now as we humans try to face the reality of this pandemic? Not pointing fingers...and not excluding myself. It's pretty obvious that humans have a difficult time facing...
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