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Now, more than ever, the world needs your story. It needs your big ideas, lessons learned, and solutions.  

 It needs writers like YOU to show up strong with your stories and ideas. When you write a memoir or nonfiction "big ideas" book, you heal your past, embolden your NOW, and serve the greater good. There's no better time than NOW to write and publish your memoir or nonfiction book. Not convinced that anyone would want to hear your story In the first half of 2018, over 26 million dollars were spent on Memoir and General Non-Fiction in the USA alone!

Transform Your Book and Your Life! 

More than a thousand people have used his Fearless Writing Method to discover their writing voice and tell their story. Bring your story and ideas to life--and write and publish your book today! When my clients write and publish their books, they transform their lives and get more opportunities to impact the world.

Writing is like life. It isn't always easy...

A memoir or nonfiction book is not a diary. Posting your personal journal on the Internet will not lead to gobs of money and instant big-time speaking opportunities. 

Diving deep into your past takes grit and hard work. Sharing your wisdom with the world can feel scary.  Writing with emotion and heart while creating a coherent, suspenseful storyline can be overwhelming even to expert writers. We've all heard the jokes about the aspiring author who can't finish her book. Avoid becoming the cliché.

Let me help.

In addition to writing coaching for memoir and nonfiction, I offer developmental editing, manuscript evaluations, line editing, publication consulting, and self-publishing solutions. When you work with me, you benefit from my 20+ years of experience at the highest levels of publishing. You get hard-earned wisdom about how to: hone your book idea, make progress and finish your book, and find a publisher or self-publish your book. 

I work with all types of aspiring authors working in memoir and nonfiction. I specialize in working with positive-change-makers, such as progressive businesspeople, life coaches, spiritual teachers, psychotherapists, as well as everyday people who know they have a story to tell. 

The Stories You've Lived to Tell

Author, journalist, editor, writing coach, and mindfulness teacher Brad Wetzler shares the secrets to write memoir and nonfiction books with power and grace. When Brad's clients write and publish, they get more opportunities to impact the world!

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"How To Tell a Great Story: A Guide for Writers of Memoir and Narrative Nonfiction."

In this clear, concise writing resource by award-winning editor and book writing coach Brad Wetzler you'll learn the six elements every great story must have to move readers. This book will also teach you how to integrate each element into your own writing process. "How to Tell a Great Story" is more than a booklet. It's a virtual personal writing coach. It will become a trusted dear friend on your journey to becoming a published author of memoir or nonfiction.  

Why Work With Me?

 I developed my Writing with Heart Method to help aspiring authors like you write and publish a memoir or nonfiction book. 

Being human is not a piece of cake. Writing a memoir or nonfiction "big ideas" book is a transformative process. When you tell your story and share your wisdom, you heal your past, transform your life now, and serve the world. You fulfill your deepest potential–and change the world.

Brad Wetzler is an author with 20+ years' experience at the highest levels of publishing. He has worked as a professional editor, longform journalist, magazine columnist, book publisher, and writing teacher. Brad is also a mindfulness and yoga teacher. His expert coaching draws from his deep experience in writing and publishing and mindfulness. His deepest intention is to help you uncover the stories and life lessons within and put them down on the page–and then put into the world as a published book.

  • Writing and publishing a memoir or nonfiction "big ideas" book will elevate your LIFE and career!

  • You will get EXPERT editorial guidance from a professional book writing coach on how to bring out the stories and life lessons inside you!

  • You will LIVE LOUDER and HELP OTHERS by sharing your stories and wisdom with the world!


When you hire me to be your memoir or nonfiction book writing coach, we work together to mine your memory for the crucial experiences and life lessons to share with the world. We will find the gold.  Your book will inspire your readers--and, in the process, you will transform your own life. Let's have an exploratory conversation, free of charge, to talk about your goals for your book and your life!

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How it works:

  1. Have a 30-min call with me to discuss your book idea and goals.
  2. Together we determine a goal date for finishing your book and how many coaching sessions you will need to help you reach that goal.
  3. Coaching begins. We meet for coaching sessions via Zoom (or in person if you prefer and are near Boulder, Colorado).
  4. You will receive writing assignments to keep you accountable and dedicated.
  5. You complete the coaching process and become a published author--and you change the world with your ideas and stories!
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Don't delay!

Step into your full power and let's get to work writing and publishing your memoir or nonfiction book today!

Work With Me

What My Editing and Coaching Clients Say:

Melissa Walker
Broomfield, Colorado

Through my work with Brad I have become a more direct and accessible writer, speaker, and therapist. He helped me loosen my academic speech to uncover my true voice and purpose. While I thought I was just writing a book, I have emerged with a fully integrated vision of what I have to offer the world.

Mimi Hayes
Author of Mimi's Brain

A few years ago I was referred to Brad when I started editing my memoir and I had no idea what I was doing. Brad took the mystery out of book writing and broke things down for me step by step and tailored his mentorship to my writing needs. He challenged me to get to the root of my emotions so that I could engage my readers authentically. He made me do the emotional work! He consistently asked me the right questions at the right time so that I could unclutter my narrative. It was like book therapy! I'm happy to tell you that Brad's work with me paid off! Just a few months into moving to New York City to option my book I picked up a book deal! If it weren't for Brad I would've been stuck on my storyline, unable to break my story free! Pick it up this fall and check for Brad's name in the acknowledgments! He's the real deal!

Scott Carney
Author of What Doesn't Kill Us and The Wedge

I was in a tough spot before I found Brad Wetzler. I'd been working on a manuscript for Penguin-Random House for two years and rewritten the entire text two times over. It was the sequel to a New York Times bestseller I had put out a couple years prior. However, the editor assigned to me by my publisher couldn't offer me any useful advice for how to fix i. With deadlines looming, I needed to get the book done. So I called up Brad and over the course of a month he helped me work the kinks out. He could see the forest for the trees, and gave me actionable advice that turned the book around. I'd highly recommend Brad to anyone looking for a structural or developmental edit. I'll definitely be using him again in the future.

Alicia Patterson
Boulder, Colorado

Working with Brad has been a transformative experience as he has been the catalyst for turning a solid and potent idea (but lacking structure and cohesiveness) into a real live book proposal. His ability to bring focus to something expansive without losing the heart of the content is one of my biggest appreciations. Brad helped me add sophistication and availability to my writing without changing the intention and message of my ideas. He has helped me put a vision into grounded reality and for that gift I am eternally grateful.

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