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In this clear, concise writing resource by award-winning editor and book writing coach Brad Wetzler you'll learn the six elements every great story must have to move readers. This book will also teach you how to integrate each element into your own writing process. "How to Tell a Great Story" is more than a booklet. It's a virtual personal writing coach. It will become a trusted dear friend on your journey to becoming a published author of memoir or nonfiction.  

Who do I help?

I help writers of all abilities, backgrounds, and levels of experience.

A big yes! I know what it was like to be starting out as a new nonfiction writer. I remember pitching and writing our first magazine articles and journal articles. I remember pitching and writing our first books. I remember editing our first books, and seeing our clients become first-time published authors. We know the steps that must be taken, and the order they must be accomplished. I know the hurdles beginning writers must cross over, and we know the advice that will help writers cross over them. I help new writers pitch articles and books. We help writers develop solid reporting and writing skills and habits.  We help beginning writers create nonfiction book proposals that get noticed by agents, editors, and publishing houses. With my guidance, you will realize your dream of becoming a published nonfiction writer. 

Yes. Nonfiction Academy helps writers who have a manuscript in two ways: manuscript reviews and developmental edits. In a manuscript review, an editor reads the full manuscript and writes a three- to five-page letter of critique. This letter addresses the manuscript's overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as helpful advice that might help the author find a publisher and/or reach her intended audience. The manuscript review does not include written comments in the margins of the manuscript. The critique letter addresses big-picture issues such as structure, character development, plot, narrative momentum, and story coherence. The letter also includes helpful advice for revising the manuscript.  A developmental edit is similar to a manuscript review in that it also addresses big-picture issues. However, the difference is in how the feedback is given. In a developmental edit, the editor writes comments in the margins rather than in a letter. 

Affirmative! I served as  senior editor at major national magazines, and, later, I served as contributing writer for various national magazines. I understands the challenges that journalists face in telling important stories in limited space. I help journalists find the most compelling story and then he shows them how to increase conflict, suspense, narrative momentum. My journalist clients get more assignments and make more income. 

Book writing coaching happens via phone or video conferencing. The focus is on helping the writer create the first draft of their book. In the early stages of coaching, the coach helps the author get clarity about the topic they are writing about and how to structure their book. Next the coach teaches the writer effective strategies and tactics for completing the book. These teachings include key information about the craft of book writing as well as strategies that will help the author build habits and make consistent progress on--and ultimately finish--their book. The third thing book writing coaches do is provide accountability for the author. They create writing goals and provide frequent check-ins so that the author has the support they need to write, finish, and publish her book. 

An editor's feedback is given on the page in the form of written comments and corrections.

"Be Fearless" Memoir Writing Course

You don't have to write a memoir alone!

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to write your book?  My "Be Fearless" Memoir Writing Course will guide you through all phases of writing a memoir: planning, writing, and publishing. Memoir Academy will help you write and publish your memoir in 100 days.  We provide the resources, knowledge, and expertise to help you write the story only you can tell and add "author" to your resume!


Editorial Services

Writing a book is tough.
Let the editing process be smooth.

After your book is written, and you have a finished manuscript, the next step is to polish the
edges of your story and get it ready to send to publishers. You need to have your book edited by an experienced book editor. 
Our editorial experience makes this part a breeze for you. We offer editing solutions for every phase of your book project. We offer developmental editing, line editing, copy-editing, and proof-reading. We are used to working on deadlines, too. Click the below link to learn more about Memoir Academy's many editing packages. 



Let me do the hard work.

Did you know the average memoir has 80,000 words or more? Writing a memoir takes time and work. If you desire to have your story published but you're too busy building your business, helping clients, or living out loud in other ways, let Memoir Academy write your memoir for you. We ghostwrite memoirs and nonfiction books. Click on the button below to learn more about Memoir Academy's ghostwriting packages. We have experienced ghostwriters on staff ready to write your memoir for you.
With Memoir Academy, you can have it all, but you don't have to write it all!


Online Courses

More of a self starter?
Do you like to learn at your own pace?

Online Courses coming soon!


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We start by having a 30 minute call via phone or Zoom to talk about your goals. In that time I will be able to tell you if and how I will be able to help you.

Step 2: Choose your desired amount of sessions

If you only need help editing your proposal, or you haven't even started, we will know how many sessions will help you reach your goal after our 30 minute call.

Step 3: Start the Transformation

You are ready to start the process and fulfilling your dream of becoming a published author!

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Learn more about the art and craft of fearless memoir writing on my Fearless Memoir Blog.

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