Episode 1: Introducing The Enlightened-ish Podcast

Season #1

Welcome to Enlightened-ish with Brad Wetzler. In this first episode, Brad discusses the who, what, where, when, and why of his new podcast. We humans have big brains that serve us in many ways. But our thinking brains also cause trouble for us, particularly when we forget how flawed and flat wrong our thoughts can be. Our thinking brains can wind up causing us to become more separated from others and even ourselves. Meanwhile, we humans have big hearts, the feeling part of us that unites us and allows for cooperation and even love. Yet, over time, our hearts can become armored up and difficult to access. Brad proposes that, in the Enlightened-ish Podcast, he will seek to build a bridge between the thinking brain and the heart. Through storytelling, reporting and inquiry, and occasional interviews with guest experts, Brad, an award-winning journalist, author, adventure writer, and yoga teacher, hopes that the Enlightened-ish Podcast will become a home and a community for spiritual seekers and others interested in how we can live meaningful lives and heal from our individual and collective traumas that prevent us from living our best life together.