Episode 2: Being A Good Human

Season #1

This week I talk about how I shifted away from seeking "enlightenment" and total emotional healing by leaning into my humanness. As a result, I deepened my connection with myself and felt closer to something greater, as well. If you're trapped in the quest for enlightenment, I hope you'll chew on this. I discuss more self-forgiving, less painful ways to practice. (It doesn't have to be torturous.) I talk about the pitfalls of self-absorption and victim-ness, and I offer one way that we can transcend these bad habits. Those of us who have co-dependent tendencies or suffer from traumas (and who doesn't?) have options to see ourselves differently. Last, I talk about what it means to live a life with heart. For more information about my writing, coaching, and writing or yoga classes, please visit bradwetzler.com.