Episode 7: Living Our Authentic, True Self

Season #1

In this episode, Brad Wetzler revisits Siddhartha, the classic spiritual novel by Hermann Hesse, and discusses the concepts of "true self" and "authenticity." What do these words actually mean? He asks, how do we locate our true self? And how do we live from our true self? What is the cost of living in our true self? Is he--are you--courageous enough to become who you really are? As Alan Watts might say, Are you ready to walk away from the unspoken agreements holding you back, to live your dharma, "your weird"? Doesn't the world need your true, authentic self, your full-blown weird? I think you know the answer: Yes, it does. For more info about Brad Wetzler, visit bradwetzler.com Music credit: "sun of the most high" by ketsa