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I'm Brad Wetzler. I can ghostwrite your book, ebook, or blog so you can spend more time with the title of "Author".

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"There are some speakers so authentic, sincere, and captivating, that you don’t want their storytelling to end. Unexpected pleasures and surprising sorrows keep you wondering, what’s next? Brad Wetzler is such a speaker. He knows whereof he speaks. And that makes him a wonderfully gifted storyteller."

Wayne E. Mayer
Ph.D., Founder & CEO, When Everything Matters

Frequently Asked Questions

Ghostwriting is outsourcing the majority of writing to an author who won't take any credit. Your name will be the only one on the cover!

Some people feel a bit strange about having a book written for them in their name. But if you think about it, you already outsource other aspects of your business.  And I can only write your book for you if you know what you want to say (I don’t make it up!).

In fact, one of the surprising benefits my clients get from me ghostwriting their book, is that the process helps them to gain clarity on what they say and who they say it to.

Now I get why you might feel nervous about me writing ‘as you’. But the thing is, I do it in your voice: writing your words as you would want them written, and with added clarity and persuasiveness. Your name is credited as the author and I stay firmly in the background, where I like it (yes, really!).

I ghostwrite full length books (average of 60,000-80,000 words), smaller ebooks, and even blog posts. Schedule your free call today and we can talk about your project!

Pricing Options

Here are my ghostwriting offerings. I charge $1/word so it is easy to calculate the price. If you are anxious to begin, make your downpayment HERE and we can get started right away!




The average ebook length is 20,000 words. The average blog post is 500-1000 words. Whatever your project, I will write in your voice.

We will meet via Zoom to discuss your project.

By making a downpayment I know you are serious about moving forward. The final cost will depend on the final word count.

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The average full length book is 60,000-80,000 words. I will write the majority of this in your voice.

I never take on more than four ghostwriting projects per year, so you will have my full attention. 

We will meet via Zoom often to discuss your book and the progress I am making.

By making a downpayment I know you are serious about moving forward. We can discuss the final cost when the project is finished.


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