Make 2022 The Year You TELL YOUR STORY!

This Course is Right for You if...

  • You are on a journey of healing, recovery, or personal or spiritual transformation–and you want to tell your story in a memoir or personal essay.
  • You want to RECLAIM and REFRAME your personal story and tell it with wit, humor, power, and grace
  • You are ready to stand in the fire of TRUTH and write about all aspects of your life (heartbreak, ecstasy, and most importantly, the ordinary.
  • You know that writing a memoir is more than just writing a journal, and you are ready to learn the techniques of this craft.
  • You are a budding author who is ready to jump into the writing world by publishing a memoir

What You'll Get...

  • Weekly 1.5-hour classes via Zoom (90 min class)
  • Direct access to Brad and his 30+ years of experience as an author and professional editor
  • Recordings of all classes for reviewing later
  • Access to our exclusive online community to ask questions and connect with other writers
  • All the information you need to begin, make progress, and complete a memoir or personal essay.

What We'll Cover...

  • How to Figure Out What Your Memoir is Really About
    Reclaim and reframe YOUR story--not society's and not your family's version.
  • How to Structure Your Memoir
    We will focus on a traditional three-act structure that will serve your audience as well as you, the author.
  • How to Make Consistent Progress
    I will give you all the tools you need so that you don't get frustrated and so that you finally get to write the words, The End.
  • How to Write a Soaring Ending the Launches the Rest of Your Life
    Endings are difficult. I will give you the tools to write beautiful endings for your current and future writing projects.

Why Me?

I am an author, journalist, teacher, and memoir-writing coach. I have 30-plus years' experience writing and editing books and stories at the highest levels of publishing.

I also know about trauma. I understand depression, addiction, and the shame that come with them. I’ve experienced painful emotional flashbacks.  I have suffered from attachment wounds, addiction, shame, and self-defeating thinking patterns.  These are the very demons that stopped me in my tracks mid-career and led to a five-year stint as an overmedicated, homebound zombie. 

I've also been on a decade-long journey of healing. I've worked to overcome some of these issues, and I've learned to accept my limitations, too. 

I am a writer whose work has appeared in the nation's top publications.  I'm an experienced professional editor and a seasoned memoir writing instructor. I'm also a trained and certified yoga and mindfulness teacher. I have professional teaching certifications in both yoga and meditation. 

I'm uniquely qualified to teach writing courses that help people write about their journeys of healing and personal transformation. (I am not a mental health professional.)

You’ve been on one hell of a journey. Make 2022 the year that you TELL YOUR STORY. Inhale, exhale. And start writing. I’ll show you how.


"I recently participated in a Zoom session offered by writing coach Brad Wetzler.  The topic, Memoir Writing, was packed with more useful information than any introductory course I have ever attended. Brad is generous with his insight and wisdom; his authenticity and humor shine through. I learned how to tell a more compelling story, and to set “audience” aside for long enough to find and celebrate my voice. Brad is empowering others by sharing decades of writing experience and offering guidance in such an accessible platform. With thanks and respect."

Elizabeth Penziner